One Down Many More To Go

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the opportunity to read “A Meeting of Minds.” Unfortunately, it was not selected for inclusion in UFO6.

Sorry about the bad news, and please try us again next year.

Unidentified Funny Objects 6 editorial team

And there you have it folks. It is a proud moment, a rite of passage when the first rejection comes in. Should I frame it, or write a blog about it…….

Actually it was a bit of a cheek on my part. It was a bit of a punt and probably not a well researched one at that. The original lead came here from an organisation called Authors Publish which I had recently been directed to on Facebook. Nothing to loose so I perused this link when it came into my inbox. Contained within was this.

UFO – Unidentified Funny Objects

All types of SF/F stories with a strong humour element, edited by Alex Shvartsman. Past contributors include George R. R. Martin and Neil Gaiman.
Word limit: 500-5,000
Deadline: 30 April 2017
Pay: $0.10/word

Details here

Hmmm thought I, such illustrious company, and they are offering money. Reading further I thought, why not. I had a germ of an idea to edit down a couple of chapters of the first draft to meet the 5k word count. The two chapters formed a sort of story with a beginning middle and end(ish). It was funny (IMHO) was fiction and definitely about science……ok Victorian science, but hey! what’s not to like? At this point any readers of this are no doubt going Duh! WTF was he thinking? And you would be wholly right about that. It really was a rookie move trying to shoehorn and edit sections of a novel into some sort of faux short story and expect them to like/accept it. Doubly so since it doesn’t read as science fiction because…well it’s not. But if it was good enough for Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin then why not……

Yeah, I know. Dumbass. Lesson learnt. Don’t just send stuff in because it (very) vaguely fits the brief. Do some research and make sure you fit what they want, not hope they like what you decide to send them.

Anyway in other news, the first draft has just nudged 50k and is keeping me awake at night because my sub conscious isn’t happy with the end to the last chapter and won’t let me start the next one till I go back and make it more intelligent and not so reliant on a cheap sleight of hand to get me out of a plot cull de sac. Still at least the id has given me an idea and isn’t just sitting there in the corner of my consciousness smirking and pointing at my foibles.

See you next week.




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I am a recently deliberately unemployed individual who has decided somewhat foolishly to write a novel
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