…is definitely important as the novel evolves. I am lucky in that I have a number of followers who are charged with reading the ad hoc chunks that I fling in their general direction. Here is a recent example.

Follower – more please, have read up till end of Chapter 11

Me – here you go, what did you think of it?

Follower – It’s made want to read more, always good in book!

Hmmm, well it’s positive if not terribly informative. As some of you are aware, I recently took the plunge and have paid a professional editor to review and critique/savage the first three chapters of the first draft. This was on the 1st May and I was led to believe the report would be with me in four weeks…….. Well needless to say I am still waiting  and getting a little frustrated/tense. I know it’s not a big deal to them, but it sure as hell is for me! The other reason for getting anxious is that the management and I are off to Canada in a weeks time to visit offspring and uncles. Offspring is doing post doc research and you can catch up with him here. Uncle is a semi-retired Professor of Oncology and part time Father Christmas. If I get the report by the end of the week I shall, as promised, post it in all its gory detail. Interestingly, I re-read this section a week or so ago and compared it to my more recent outpourings. That section was written at the turn of the year and since then I have managed to progress the narrative by over 70k words. As this is my first novel I was interested to see if my style had changed, after all I can hardly be described as a seasoned/consistent writer. I am a novice with no track record or “voice” of my own yet.  My own feedback to myself would be “slightly too affected and trying too hard to create characters by reference to actual quotes from them as opposed to creating them yourself.” other than that I was pleasantly surprised how consistent the style and approach was/is. I suspect this has something to do with a regular writing schedule, something which many writers talk about and the one aspect of writing a novel I find the most invaluable. JKFW folks, that’s the trick.

In other news the draft is up to 78k and I feel much more at ease with the narrative, now that I have a clear picture in my minds eye of the setting. As suspected, once I could visualise the boat (Nemesis) the story telling became much easier, even though my version of the boat has gone through some substantial alterations courtesy of The Cadre.

Canada is a three week jaunt, and updates and writing are going to be patchy, so if I don’t post for few weeks, that’s the reason. Oh and I have set myself the target of finishing the first draft by September. Hmmmm that maybe a bit rash, but we’ll see.

See you out there.



About lighthouseindesert

I am a recently deliberately unemployed individual who has decided somewhat foolishly to write a novel
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