What I did on my holidays…

……is of no real relevance to this blog but we did drink a lot of very good craft beer. The rest of the time was a bit of a road trip visiting sons and relatives. In the course of three weeks we stayed in the following places. New York, Buffalo, Guelph, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, North Conway and Falmouth. But you are not really interested in that. Those who read this blog want to know what I did re the novel. Well there is good news, bad news and just news.

So in no particular order, this is what has been happening over the last month.

  1. I replied to Russel’s report, which you can find here. All his comments were useful and some echo those of others. In such cases I must take them seriously as they are a likely precursor of reader responses. The only area of real contention is in the first chapter. He thinks it is too long and the story should start at Chapter two. Others like the extended imagery based around the smell of London that attempts to really place Perrin in a realistic setting. We shall see.
  2. No new writing. To be honest given the schedule above, that was hardly a surprise. Lots of notes were made about current and future plot issues. Including….
  3. A major way of approaching the second part of the trilogy emerged in a wholly unexpected fashion whilst wandering around Canada. I will say no more except that it gives the central idea of the next book much better grounding and historical basis in fact.
  4. I am worried. I am worried that after so long a lay off I will find it difficult to get back into the groove of the plot and the characters. The library is open again tomorrow and it will be interesting/frustrating to see how well I respond to that blank screen again. Memo to self, don’t expect miracles, but it is clear that I need a routine, a framework to write. I am not one of those people who can write anywhere any time. Notes and ideas yes, serious focused writing, no.

So eyes down, keyboard at the ready it’s time to crack on and finish the first draft. And then the work really begins.


About lighthouseindesert

I am a recently deliberately unemployed individual who has decided somewhat foolishly to write a novel
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