Heart of the Matter

A lot to update you on this week. So in no particular order we have.

Went to the first local writers meeting. Good fun it was. The immediate difference is that these people can and do write. They have crossed the line of thinking about it and doodling around the edges. They are writing. Whether for fun or potential profit remains to be seen. Getting feedback from this group was interesting. Firstly, they listen and are interested. You never learn in a vacuum. So hearing from people who are going through similar stuff to you is very useful. Their feedback had led to….

Rewriting the opening section of the book. Everybody appreciated the prose but….too long man. No point in having a virtuoso guitar solo at the beginning of the song if you haven’t even had a few verses or a chorus.  So the book now starts with a bit of the opening section but leaves out the extensive description of  the London stink and gets Perrin to the pub in double quick time for his meeting with the Cadre. However…….

All is not lost as I have added a prologue, which is essentially a scene setting exercise with a slight twist, the nature of which only becomes clear in hindsight as you read the rest of the book. It’s not essential that you read it, but by separating it from the main text I think it allows me to set up the flavour of the book and the world I am asking you to spend some time in. We’ll see what they think.

As to the writing, well we have reached the heart of the matter. The central plot premise. The big reveal. The moment everybody, well me, has been waiting for, an encounter with Oklo, the God of steam. This is somewhat daunting as I’m not sure how it will go. I’m still telling myself the story, but this bit has been on the cards for just about a year. It was one of the original ideas behind the novel. A lot of the rest of the plot has emerged whilst writing, but this bit has been waiting for me to reach it for sometime. I suspect it will take sometime to get it right so I don’t expect the word count, now 90k, will reflect previous weeks progress. I have to nail this sucker, because after it, things get weird, dangerous and out of control….well that’s the plan at the moment.

See you out there.


About lighthouseindesert

I am a recently deliberately unemployed individual who has decided somewhat foolishly to write a novel
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