Hi my name is Richard Fisher and I am currently writing my first novel here in Newmarket UK. The blog is my way of sharing some of my insights ideas frustrations and experiences of the process as it happens. There are thousands of folk like me trying to create something they hope will resonate and capture peoples imagination and interest and the blog will hopefully give you an honest insight into what actually goes on.

Outside of work I enjoy writing producing and playing with my post psychedelic band Strange Boudoir. We currently have three albums available via i-tunes, Amazon and Spotify and would really value any downloads and reviews – see you out there

This is where I write – Newmarket Library


And these are the first words I wrote, whilst I was in a meeting. A subtle point from my sub conscious that perhaps it was time to do something else…..


And finally here is the blurb for the book. This is the summary that you find on the back cover. It is designed to inform, entice and tease in equal measure.

Steam Pt 1 “The Differences”

London, 1842. Led by Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace and influenced by the mysterious George Neolander, The Cadre, is an exclusive group of the nation’s greatest minds who are revolutionising Victorian industry.  The analytical engine, electricity and the telegraph are just some of the many new marvels giving the British Empire an unassailable advantage over the rest of the world. To their attention comes Francis Perrin, a young gentleman scientist with a story of Oklo, an African God said to be able to produce infinite amounts of steam from just rock and water. The Cadre want more power to fuel the growth of the Empire. They plan to send Perrin to Africa to investigate and claim Oklo and its secrets for the nation. But if the Cadre are interested in Perrin, then others, desperate to claw back some advantage from the Empire, are interested in him too. Thrown into a world he doesn’t understand and is utterly unprepared for, Perrin needs to learn fast if he is even to survive London, let alone prove himself up to the task of an expedition to Africa, let alone understand what “The God of Steam” really is.

You can read the original first three chapters here.

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