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Hot Off The Press

Ok folks, the report from Russel McLean is in. The background for this formal critique of the first three chapters can be found here. As I promised right at the beginning, the reason for this blog is a warts and … Continue reading

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It’s All Just Talk

Was discussing my first draft the other day with a friend who has graciously agreed to follow my progress. The friend in question is a fearsome sub editor, amongst other talents, and the first thing she said to me after reading the first … Continue reading

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All the World’s a Page

That rather snappy title has nothing to do with this weeks blog, which is slightly earlier than usual as the management and I are off to Palermo for a week to soak up the culture, the red wine and possibly … Continue reading

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He’s Not Omniscient, He’s Just A Very Naughty Boy

This week’s creative writing class got into some excellent debate about narration, voice and point of view and I learnt something very interesting about my style of writing. A brief discussion of the main options available to the aspiring author can … Continue reading

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